Jazz Gestures

Erica Calogero

Enter a cyber-world where you become your own jazz choreographer – with a futuristic twist. This interactive video artwork blends a frame-by-frame examination of the dancing body and, using stochastic processes, inspired by human brain cells, it matches and filters the authentic moves in response to the viewer’s own poses and gestures. The most physical of art forms blends with artificial neural networks, the viewer and the AI each becoming the other’s teacher: a meeting-point of machine and human learning.


Erica Calogero is a full-stack bootcamp graduate and creative coder, with a background in architecture and research. She designs objects, furniture, patterns and code. Erica spends her spare time knitting, coding and gardening. Currently making plans for the 4th industrial revolution, which include weaving with post-agricultural waste and weeds, and designing for CAD-CAM and creating engaging digital experiences. She also develops websites.